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To anyone who wants success on YouTube, but secretly believes you need charisma, good-looks or luck to make it. Discover why almost everyone is dead-wrong when it comes to success on YouTube! This is the bizarre story of…

“How Me, An Asian Guy With A Heavy Accent, Accidentally Went From Being A Nobody To Now A Household Name And Respected Social Media Influencer Who Touches The Lives Of Millions

…When All I Wanted To Do Was Pocket Some YouTube-Money For My Business”

About 3 Years Ago,
I Went To A Concert With A Bunch Of Teenage Girls…
Now I know what you may be thinking…
You’re thinking…
“Dan. That’s Screwed Up. Why Would You Do That?”
Well it was because I was a fan of this YouTuber named Lilly Singh – aka Superwoman.
If you don’t know Superwoman…


She’s down to earth… She does all these cool skits where she plays different family members… And she’s hilarious!

I’ve been a fan of her for years.
So when I heard she was touring (she called it The Trip To Unicorn Island Tour) in Vancouver, Canada (where I live), I thought…
“I like her stuff… She’s probably never coming back… So I might as well go.”
This is me and Superwoman! I bought the VIP backstage pass so I actually got to chat with her for a bit too! How cool is that?
Now After Lining Up For An Hour, Me And Probably 300 Teenage Girls Were Ushered Into A Pitch-Black Auditorium…
Then, in the dark, a big screen played a video of Superwoman.
And as soon as the video started, all the kids around me starting screaming at the top of their lungs…
“Oh My Gawd! It’s Superwoman!”
Then after the video played, a row of bright lights came on and there she was…
Superwoman herself…
Then loud music started playing. Superwoman started singing, dancing, and the show begun!
Here’s why I’m telling you this story…
Between songs, there were times in the show where Superwoman was sitting down on the edge of the stage. There, she started having a deep conversation with the fans.
She was asking us different questions.
“What’s my favorite ice-cream?”
“What’s my mom’s name?”
Things like that.
Superwoman Started Asking All These Personal Questions. And Every Time She Asked,
The Fans Knew EXACTLY What The Answer Was.
Heck… Even I Knew The Answers.  Then It Hit Me…
I thought…
“Here’s a “YouTuber”… Someone who started making videos while living at her parent’s house… Someone who shoots amateur videos in her bedroom… Someone who’s only famous on YouTube. Yet her fans worship her like she was Beyoncé!”
That’s when I asked myself one question that changed my life…
“What if I could use YouTube to create authority, influence, and profits in the marketplace? I wonder what would that do for my business?”
So After The Superwoman Show, I Did Some Research. It Turns Out…
  •    Animoto research found “96 percent of consumers find videos helpful when they are making purchase decisions online. And 58 percent of them consider companies that produce videos to be more trustworthy”.
  •    According to Forrester, the younger generations use YouTube more than any other social media network:
  •    Research shows, only 9% of businesses in North America are using YouTube to build a brand. That means YouTube is an underused platform. Few of your competitors are making engaging videos on YouTube.
  • And I personally love underused platforms where a lot of people are on.
  • And get this…
  •    More people watch YouTube during prime-time (peak hours where you have the most people watching TV), than the top 10 TV shows combined!
Now, as a businessman, I know.
“Where people go, money flows.”
That’s why to me it was clear what I had to do.

The Writing Was On The Wall.

All Signs Pointed To One Thing…
All Signs Were Saying YouTube Is Going To Be One Of THE Biggest Platforms Of Our Time.
I mean there is a lot of data showing YouTube is already bigger than Facebook. Instagram…
And all these other social media platforms when it comes to active users and watch time.
And I knew it was only getting bigger.
So knowing all this, I did NOT want to miss out on this trend…
I Knew I Had To Get Onto YouTube…
And I Knew I Had To Get On Before We Had A Huge Rush Of People Get In On It.
Was I nervous about starting a YouTube?
You bet I was…
But despite having self-doubts, I firmly believed this…
I Believed If All I Did Was A Small Fraction Of The SuccessSuperwoman Had On YouTube…
My Life Would Change…
I would take my business to the next level
So that’s when I decided to become a YouTuber.
Now here’s what happened…

I Thought YouTube Would Be Good For Business.

Yeah I Was Right In A Way…
But I Also Was Wrong Because…
I knew I could make great money from YouTube…
But since I started YouTube, what I didn’t expect was to be stopped in the streets by fans everywhere I go
I didn’t expect to make hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars in revenue on YouTube alone
Without even turning on ads
I didn’t expect to grow my YouTube channel to be in the top 10,000 YouTube channels in the world alongside Dwayne Johnson, Justin Bieber, PSY, Justin Timberlake, Dude Perfect, Smash, Pewdiepie, Michelle Phan and yes… Superwoman too!
Beyond the subscriber count, what’s cool is my channel has over 321,674,433 minutes in watch time of unique weekly created business content. Considering the average network “hour-long” drama runs 42 minutes, my fans have watched the equivalent of 7,658,915 episodes of regular TV content!
Now You Don’t Need To Be Like Me…
I Started My YouTube To Make Money From It. And Yes, That’s What I’m Great At Teaching…
But You Can Do YouTube For A Lot Of Reasons.
YouTube is one of those things where it’s fun. It’s exciting…
…you can treat it like a hobby or a full-time career… 
You can also treat it like a journey for personal growth (another benefit I accidentally discovered)… 
You can do it to document your life and look back on.
Plus, you can do all this while you laugh… get new skills… make new friends… share a message you care about… and help others while helping yourself.
And if you’re like a lot of people who use YouTube anyways, why not do something more with it?
So if you’re ready for this amazing journey…


…When All I Wanted To Do Was Pocket Some YouTube-Money For My Business”

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  1. Hello Edollarcourse! I’m very grateful for the awesome service your website provide. I’m a broke college student so I can’t afford these expensive courses but I promise to give back to developers who create these contents when I’m able. I also want to request some courses if Edollarcourse can get Youtube Masterclass by Kody. I have the sale page https://youtube-success-made-simple.teachable.com/p/youtube-mastery-class and Raman Shahi – The Self Publishing Class 2019 an the sale page is https://www.theselfpublishingclass.com/discount
    Thank you very much in advance! You guys are really awesome

    1. Hi there! Thank you very much for reviewing our website. We’ll upload the Youtube Masterclass by Kody soon and hopefully we might also get the Self Publishing Class 2019, We’ll keep you updated. If you have any other questions/ feedback please send us an email edollarcourse@gmail.com

  2. Hey Jack, could you get quit 9 to 5 academy by Mark Ling,

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  3. Does this come with the bonuses listed on the sales page as well? (excluding the fb group of course)

    Tube Your Own Horn™ ($60,000.00 Value)
    BONUS #1: The One-Take-Wonder Formula™ ($995.00 Value)
    BONUS #2: Success Habits Of A YouTube Star ($995.00 Value)
    BONUS #3: Tube Genie™ ($5,000.00/yr Value)
    BONUS #4: Video Estate™ Secrets ($1,495.00)

  4. Hey i want to buy 30 day Smma but i need some course proof i am ready to pay $49 send me some live proof on my email

  5. Thank you so much edoolarcourse for your great job ..
    Yes , Im interested in the dan lok tube your own horn.
    Please send me the link …

    Very much appreciated

    1. Hi Jaya!
      We don’t offer this course anymore because we’ve received many reports that this course doesn’t deliver and there’s a high chance it’s a scam . We won’t offer any product from Dan Lok anymore

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