Jason Capital- Copywriting Certification 2019


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A Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity
For 49 Copy Badasses Today…


To Sum Up, Here’s Everything You’ll Receive With This Offer:

  • The Capital Copywriting Certification
  • The only copywriting mentorship in the world that teaches you Agora’s complete system A-Z for generating the highest-converting offers on the Internet…
  • TWO of the biggest Copy Badasses on the planet as your personal copywriting mentors.
  • FREE Bonus #1: Agora’s $1.5 Billion Dollar Swipe File
  • FREE Bonus #2: The Copy Cub Shortcut Reading System
  • FREE Bonus #3: 30 Ways To Make Your Customers Never Doubt You
  • FREE Bonus #4: Unlimited Access To Your Own Capital Copywriting Mastermind
  • FREE Bonus #5: Get The Chance To Cash This $25,000 Check and Win Fame As The Copywriter No One Wants To Compete Against…
  • FREE Bonus #6: VIP Tickets to Our “Copy Badass” Conference
  • FREE Bonus #7: You’ll Be Certified As An A-Class Capital Copywriter


This Is Your Chance To Turn
Your Online Business Into

By now it’s clear the rest of the copywriting world is 10 years behind Agora’s Copy Engine in driving sales and high-converting offers online…

I’ve shown you dozens of examples of Agora’s offers out-converting the competition by almost a mile….

And I’ve explained why I can only let in 49 of my readers today.

This could be your only chance to get personally mentored and certified by Mr. X and myself.

Remember: This won’t be a marathon we’re running together.

The Agora Copy Engine is a simple copy switch we’ll flip.

You could be cleaning up just a few weeks from now, the talk of your industry.

Or you could be on the outside looking in.

The choice is yours.

To ensure that you don’t miss out on this massive opportunity, you simply must click the YES, GET ME STARTED button below and you’ll be automatically charged just $1,500 once for this advanced, highly-exclusive 6-week mentorship.

Mr. X and I look forward to mentoring you and getting to know you over the next 6 weeks.


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          1. Thank you so much for the gift, one thing more I want to know that these all bonus call with jason will also be included in this course?

          2. You’re welcome Shayne
            Unfortunately Bonus call with Jason won’t be included 🙁 because there is limited call with one purchase

  1. Hey, waiting to buy the Copywriting Certification at the earliest!

    When will it be available? Has it been uploaded yet?

  2. Hey, waiting to buy the Copywriting Certification!

    When do you reckon it will be uploaded? Please keep me in the loop.

  3. Hi there are all the PDF links and videos to the Capital Copywriting Certification working and clean as they are when you buy them from the original seller? I’m seeking to get started on learning Copywriting but seeking to buy the course from your service. Can you provide me with some more info?

      1. Hey there so you mentioned that in the Capital Copywriting Certification program allows me access to the member area? So I can go to the site and get access to the course once I purchase this or is it all the video mp4s and PDF files?

        1. Hi there!
          We can’t let people have access to the member area because from our experience they actually do monitor member’s activities and IP Address and they could ban our account for sharing without refund/ Since it’s way too big a risk for us, there will be no exception. No worry instead we let people have a download link with all contents as salespage. Hope it’s helpful

  4. How do I pay for this? I said at the checkout it seems that there are no available payment method for your state. Pls assist…..Thank You!

  5. Hi there, is the course still available? And what will we be missing out if we dont buy the directly from Jason’s page? Thank you very much

  6. hey, whats up? could we talk about this course and his content? would be nice if you can explain or show me your impressions about it. lets exchange, I´m fucking excited! thx a lot mate, Omar.

  7. Hi jack, Hope you’re doing great.
    I wanna know the course is still available.
    can i get some demo too….? 😉

  8. Hi Jack! Thanks for the download links. I’m interested in this course please send me payment details. Thank you!

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