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This is online course (DVD) that contains all the market insights and knowledge that
Steven Dux used to turn $27,000 into $1.3 million. Useful for beginner, intermediate and
advanced traders alike, it reveals his trading methods and advice on how to successfully
trade penny stocks.

Learn how Steven Dux turned $27k into $1.3 Million in just one year

In just 10 hours you will learn:

Market Basics

The stock market basics from A-Z that you’ll need to get started


The psychology of trading

Long and short side trading

The difference between long and short side trading and how to take advantage of both positions

Risk Management Strategies

The different risk management strategies to build your account steadily

Statistics Database

How to build your own statistics database and use it to take advantage of any trading method

My top Trading Strategies

And most importantly: My top 8 trading strategies for today’s Penny Stock Market



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  1. Very organized and good looking website. Downloads are superb. Would recommend your website to my friends. Love from Taiwan <3

    1. hey I’m from taiwan too
      can we chet?
      I have some questions
      my line ID is jeffery2000
      please I have a big question

  2. Hi edollarcourse, I’m very happy with my purchase. Can you manage to get Quit 9 to 5 I would be happy to buy it from you at the same price, as I don’t really know if this other site is legit or not 🙂

  3. Sophia, is very helpful. thank you for you assistance. great download. I would recommend this website to everyone. A++

  4. Hey!! Will you guys be offering Steven’s new dvd coming out (Duxinator) currently on pre sale ? Thanks!

    1. Hi Mitch!Steven Dux Duxinator is only pre order right now so you won’t get the actual course until much later therefore we prefer to wait and get it later. Stay in touch 🙂

  5. I just sent you the money. Can I have payment for Tim Grittani also? And do you have Steven Dux- Duxinator because I don’t see it on your website?

  6. Hi Edollarcourse, What a great website that you guys have!
    I already bought this course from someone but it’s missing Part 4 and Part 5. Is there anyway you guys can send me these parts. Of course, I would for sure be willing to pay you guys a little extra. Thanks in advance and Best Regards,


    1. Hi Justin, thanks for your compliment. We don’t usually do this but as a first time courtesy, we’ll go ahead and give you the missing parts for free. Please check your email for the link. Have a great day!

  7. hi sir, superb source of information
    I have bought atrading techniques from a person and there is some parts missing,
    can u help me? please

    thank you

    1. Hi Johanna!
      The course contains 5 parts
      Part 1: 48 min 52 sec
      Part 2: 3 hrs 44 min
      Part 2.1 : 3 hrs 48 min
      Part 3: 2 hrs 24 min
      Part 4: 3 hrs 10 min
      So the course is roughly 17 hours long.

  8. Hi Sophia and Jax
    I hope you guys are well
    I bought this DVD a month ago and now i want to buy both Duxinator and Freedom Challenge. Could you give a good discount on those two? God Bless

    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Cory!
      Yea sure. The Trading technique is a foundation course, in which Steven covered all the basic information about the market, trading strategies, psychology, risk management. Duxinator is a sequel to it, which built upon strategies which he introduced in Trading Techniques and added a few new one. There are more advanced concepts in Duxinator such as relative volume,etc. Please check your email for a video sample

  9. Hi
    I’m interested in buying Trading Techinques and the Duxinator dvds. Are there any discounts available? I appreciate your service.

    Thank you

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